Monday, April 9, 2018

Woodland Hills Police Shooting | Raw Footage

Daniel Joseph Carver, a 29-year-old white male was a suspect in multiple crimes of reported local robberies in the West Valley area of northern Los Angeles . 

He was shot dead by Police after a short pursuit when he opened fire of Lapd officers first. 
Credits: Baddboyfilms News, April 9, 2018 Reseda/Woodland Hills Raw Footage


Breaking News: 

Daniel Joseph Carver was killed today by Police

Reseda suspect shot dead at Corbin Ave and Victory Blvd by Police Monday after a police pursuit when the male 20-year-old suspect allegedly stole a SUV Ford Explorer that was reported the same day stolen. The vehicle's LoJack system was activated and police spotted the stolen vehicle being driven by this suspect in Canoga Park.

Police attempted a traffic stop but the suspect failed to yield police and lapd began to code3 chase the GTA suspect to where the suspect bailed , leaving the Ford parked. A Foot chase ensued at Corbin Avenue intersection of Victory Blvd. where the suspect was said to of pulled a gun on officers , shooting occurred and officers returned fire upon the suspect, striking the 20-year-old male suspect,  killing him at the scene in a alley near the trash cans.

The actual place of death for the gunman was off Hamlin Street into the alley south side of Hamlin St. entering the alley , just west on Hamlin St. West of Corbin Ave. The body of the deceased 29-yuear-old man was iD'd by the Los Angeles Chief Medical Examiner as: Mr. Daniel Joseph Carver who is a male white.

 He was said by police that he was suspect in random armed robberies including GameStop on Platt Ave at Victory Blvd. in which he made off with $300 in games and a fist full of paper money.

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