Friday, December 8, 2017

Kagel Canyon, Creek Fire Evacuations Fire Photos

Creek Fire Evacuations Sylmar - Los Angeles, CA

Friday December 8, 2017  


Harding St. Sylmar, CA - Sylmar Creek fire Aftermath | Fire victims updated news

Kagel Cyn. fire was still burning houses in the steep cliffs Wednesday Dec 7th and LACo. Sheriff Deputies held the roads closed that lead near burning hillsides and homes that were smoldering still from the Tuesday night’s disaster. 

The City of Los Angeles had set up a base camp along Foothill Blvd for all emergency vehicles to make camp and wait out the fires of this mountain terrain area. With winds hitting highs of up to 90 mph on Tuesday Dec 5, 2017 and into the night as it descended into the homes that it has burned, Firefighters still have no idea of when they will have control of this blaze. 

Wentworth St. just S/W of Mary Bell St. was a tire shop, it was an illegal operation ran by some immigrants and was on zoned land for residential property though the owners lived above it on a hilltop.

 They rented it out over and over over the years to hustlers and conmen who ran finish operations of reseals, said a neighbor who just recently built his hime next to this property, which Firefighters didn’t try to save. 

All 700 tires, used and new burned up in the flames and since the store was illegally built, it wasn’t listed with the country hall of records as a permitted structure, therefore it wasn’t even there to begin with so the Fire Department did take blame for the not rescuing it’s contents or structure legally they didn’t have to. 

No taxes were on record as this structure being permitted to being there to begin with so that cleared the Los Angeles Fire Department from refusing to dowse the flames on this illegal structure on Wentworth on Dec 5th, Tuesday Kagel Canyon Fire. 

Here’s that video, narrated by the land owner of the new contracted home he said he is building next to this property with these tires that burned: 

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